The classes of the event are

  • Women elite
  • Men elite
  • Women hobby 40y
  • Men hobby 40y
  • Men hobby 50y
  • Girls under 16y
  • Boys under 16y


The pre-registration closes on February 10th at 23.59. Read further information from

Late registation is possible by email to or in the race office. Payment for late registrations only in cash.

Race venue

The race venue is located by the Aurora hut in Urho Kekkonen national park. Note that it is not possible to come to the race venue by car. The closest parking place to the Aurora hut is in Lutontie 3 (Santa’s Hotel Tunturi). Distance from the parking place to Aurora is approx. 1km.


The race distance is around 47km. The track is groomed by a snowmobile and groomer.

The trails is marked by pink arrows. The trail map will be published on 8th Feb in site.

Race office

On 14th Feb in Saariselkä Booking reception (Honkapolku 2) at 12pm – 4pm.
On 15th Feb in Aurora hut starting at 10am.

Feed zones

Private support is allowed anywhere along the track. There will be one official service point along the tracks.

Prize giving

Prize giving takes place directly after the race in the race center. 3 best in each class will be awarded.


There is a soup lunch served in Santa’s Hotel Tunturi after the race (not included in the start fee).


Showers and sauna are open for participants in Santa’s Hotel Tunturi. Participants need to pick-up a key from the hotel reception. If needed, it is possible to rent a towel with a price of 5€. The saunas are warm starting from 3pm.

First aid

First aid is located in the race center. Emergency number in Finland is 112.

Special rules

  • The race tracks are not closed so participants must consider other people on the trails.
  • There is one road crossing along the track. There is traffic guidance in the road crossing.
  • There are several ski track and snowmobile track crossings along the track. These crossing will not be guided. Participants must consider skiers and snowmobiles.
  • There are several long narrow sections on the trails, which means there is not much space for taking over. Participants must ask and give way if needed.
  • At some places the trails go next to the ski trail. In these palces it is not allowed to ride on the ski trail.


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