What would be a more suitable way to celebrate friendship than spending a weekend riding the fells of Saariselkä with a good friend?

And if you are still friends after 180km, that’s true friendship!

Saariselkä MTB Team wants to celebrate Valentine’s day by giving away free entries to 2020 Saariselkä MTB Stages for one DUO team!

The competition is fairly simple! Go to Facebook and share our post about this update to your FB wall with good argumentation about why you and your friend should win this! And this is not a lottery! Best argumentation wins!

And we want to read imaginative, touching, and appealing argumentation because also the prize is pretty valuable (value 320€)! You have time for posting the stories until midnight on Valentine’s day! We publish the winners during Saariselkä MTB Fatbike on 15th Feb!


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