Regarding to the current situation with COVID – 19 pandemic, we have decided to make some changes to the Saariselkä MTB Stages 2020.

At the moment we are still quite confident that we will be able to organize Saariselkä MTB Stages as planned in August.

Since many of the races planned for early summer have been cancelled or postponed, we have decided to give our participants more value to money! In stead of a 3-day event, Saariselkä MTB Stages will be a 10-day stage race in 2020, taking place on 25th – 35th August. All the entries made before 31st of March are valid and the price for new entries will remain the same.

The international cycling union, UCI, is also worried because many of the early summer UCI classified races are cancelled. We have received a request through Finnish Cycling Union to organize some of the cancelled UCI marathon series events. We are very humbled by the opportunity and are very happy to announce that the stages 1 and 10 of Saariselkä MTB Stages 2020 will be official UCI marathon series events!

At the moment, we already have a good plan for the new stages. However we have to wait until the snow melts before we can test ride and publish the new stages. What is clear, is that this time we can offer the participants much more versatile disciplines from time trial to eliminator.

We do realize that not all participants have the opportunity to race all of the 10 stages. That is why we count the 5 best results of each participant to the overall results. The new rules and scoring system will be published later this spring.

We really hope that no one has to withdraw from the race because of budgeting reasons. Therefore, Saariselkä Booking has made a special accommodation offer for all the participants. The offer is valid in our webshop, for participants only. You’ll get a 10-day accommodation for the price of 3 nights with code APRIL1. If you have already booked accommodation with us, please contact our customer service.

See you in August!


If you have read the whole post and still believe this is true, remember you should never ever believe anything we are announcing on the April 1st.

And in case you come from a culture with no April fools, google it. 🙂



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