Besides our ”update” on the April 1st, we feel that we should also make a real update about the covid-19 situation in Finland.

At the moment we are preparing to arrange Saariselkä MTB Stages as planned in August. However, at this point it is almost impossiple to predict how the situation will be in August, and if there is a possibility to arrange sports events in Finland by that time. We follow the situation and the guidelines given by Finnish authorities, and act accordingly.

We will release the next update on this matter on June 1st. In case the event should get cancelled or postponed, the desicion will be made latest on July 1st.

At the moment, the registration continues normally. If the event should get cancelled or postponed, we will offer the participants possibility to move the registration to 2021 or a partial refund.

Hopefully most of you are able to ride outdoors and enjoy the great spring weather! We hope to meet you in August!


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