We are aiming to organize Saariselkä MTB Stages as planned on 21st – 23rd August 2020!

According to the current restrictions and guidelines given by Finnish government, it seems possible to organize Saariselkä MTB in the end of August. We love Saariselkä MTB just as much as you do, and we have a huge will to make it happen! And to make it happen so that it will be safe and convenient to all of us!

The Finnish government will be making desicions regarding the events in late summer and early autumn during June. Therefore we have to wait and listen how the restrictions will be in August before we can make final desicions about this years event. The desicion will be made at latest on 1st of July. If we know the answer earlier, we’ll let you now!

Even though it seems that we can arrange the event in August, we’ll have to adjust the program according to the current situation. We’ll publish the updated program and some further information latest on 1st of July!

Details of the situation in Finland:

  • The situation with Covid-19 in Lapland is very good at the moment. Our municipality Inari has been practically ”corona-free” the whole time.
  • Restrictions in Finland at the moment:
    • Public gatherings limited to 50 people until 30th June
    • Public gatherings limited to 500 people until 31st July
    • Sports events with 51-500 people are allowed with ”special arrangements” already now
    • Finnish Cycling has prohibited all mass starts until 30th June
  • Ivalo airport will open in the beginning of August, and Finnair starts flying to Ivalo on 2nd August
  • At the moment Finnish borders are still closed for foreigners. We are expecting information about when the borders will open during June.


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