The COVID-19 situation in Finland and especially in Lapland is good. And that is how we want to have it in the future too. Therefore we have, together with Outi Liisanantti, the medical director of Inari, made a list of COVID-19 precautions. Hopefully all of us will take these into consideration before, during and after the event.

Before the event:

  • If you or your family member has symptoms of respiratory infection, stay home.
  • Travel and accommodate only with your family members or people who you are in close contact with in your everyday life.
  • If you travel to Saariselkä by public transport, use face mask, keep distance to other people, and take care of hygiene during your travel.

During the event:

  • Remember to wash and sanitize your hands when needed and possible.
  • Try to keep distance to other people when possible.
  • Cough and sneeze to your sleeve. Try to consider other participants also during the race.
  • Make space in service areas and in finish area. After finishing, don’t stay too long in the finish area. This way we can prevent overcrowding of the race venue.
  • Socialize outdoors! It’s nice to meet riding friends after a long time. Safest way to do so is to meet outdoors and go for a spin or walk.
  • Avoid shaking hands or hugging.

After the event:

  • If you get symptoms of respiratory infection, contact your medical center for getting tested.
  • If you are diagnozed with COVID-19, contact us and people you have been travelling and accommodating with.


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