You’ll find the timetable of the event here. Note the changing start group for junior 18y.

We hope that the participants try to avoid growds always when possible. For example the most crowded moment in the race office is the first opening hour on Thursday. When it is not possible to keep distances, for example in the race office on Thursday, it’s not a bad idea to wear a mask.

Instruction regarding Covid-19

You’ll find the Covid-19 instructions here.

We trust that everyone takes the corona precautions for real! Every single one of us has the possibility to make this event safe for all of us. Let’s keep that in mind!

Race center and race office

Race center and race office are located in Siula house, in Kelotie 2.

The race office is open:
Thu 3pm – 8pm
Fri from 9am
Sat & Sun from 8am


The start will be a neutral start behind a front car. It is not allowed to pass the front car.


The are minimum two service points on each stage. This year the service will be more limited than usually. There will be water, sports drink, and bananas on each service point.

We carry participants’ own drinking bottles to the service points. The bottles need to be in the service tent in the race area one hour before the first start. Write your name and start number to the bottle. The empty bottles will be back to the service tent after the race.


The trails are marked with arrows (with number of the stage). Because there are also other people using the trails, the crossings are not closed.

Juniors: The turns of junior trails are marked with red arrows (the crossings where adults and juniors go different ways). The short cut for 18y juniors on stage 3 is marked with blue arrows.


The 3 best of each class will be awarded after each stage and according to the general classification. If there are less than 3 participants in a class, we keep the right to combine classes. All the juniors will be awarded according to the general classification.

The day prizes are given out immediately when top3 finishes.

First aid

Firs aid crew is located in the race center. Contact person in small injuries is Tiina Idström, +358 50 5858 008.

In case of bigger injuries, call Finnish emergency number 112.


  • It is not allowed to leave any litter in the terrain. It is possible to drop trash on each service point. Race management keeps the right to give time penalties to participants violating this rule.
  • It is not allowed to widen the trails (ride on the side of the trail or make short cuts). Race management keeps the right to give time penalties to participants violating this rule.
  • The participants need to obey the traffic rules. We have traffic guidance on the road crossings. Still, the participants are responsible for observing the traffic themselves.
  • In DUO class the participants must ride together all the way. It is allowed to help your team mate in every possible way.


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