The history of Saariselkä MTB dates back to 2011. Tomorrow we will start the 10th Saariselkä MTB Stages!

The past decade has been beautiful and full of memories. Therefore we wanted to give all of us a birthday gift. We wanted the gift to be something for all of our Saariselkä MTB friends!

To make the next decade as good as the previous one, we will happily launch a trail fund carriying our event’s name, Saariselkä MTB Trail Fund! Every year we collect money to the fund, and use them to build and repair the MTB trails in Saariselkä! The targets are decided on together with Saariselkä MTB Team, participants, and land owners.

We will publish further details about the trail fund when the registration for 2021 event opens. We wish everyone amazing weekend!


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