Book your accommodation from the heart of the event venue, from Santa’s Hotel Tunturi. The accommodation offer is valid until 31st of July 2022.

Economy twin 70eur /1 person 78eur / 2 people
Superior with sauna 99eur / 1 person 108eur / 2 people
Deluxe with sauna 123eur / 1 person 131eur / 2 people
1 bedroom apartment with sauna 125 eur 1-2 people
2 bedroom apartment with sauna 155 eur 2-4 people
3 bedroom apartment with sauna 240eur 3-6 people
Extra beds 40 eur / adult, 30 eur / child

The prices include breakfast, wifi, locked bike room, and use of gym. Late check-out at 3pm on Sunday. Free cancellation until 6pm on the day of arrival.

Bookings from Santa’s Hotel Tunturi sales office +358 400 102 190 / or from their webshop with a discount code PROMTB22.


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