The Kulmakuru trail is one of the true classics of Saariselkä!

Startloop to the fells

The first stage of Saariselkä MTB Stages starts towards fell Kaunispää. We recommend taking the first climbs easily – there is plenty of more climbing to come along this trail.

From the top of Kaunispää fell the trail takes a long and curvy descent to Saariselkä Bike Park. After you pass the start and finishing area and start riding towards Hammastunturi wilderness area and Kulmakuru gorge. The first service point is located at river Tolosjoki.

Towards Kulmakuru gorge

After the first service point you will cross the river Tolosjoki. It is not allowed to try riding across the river – all the participants must walk over the river. Normally the river is relatively easy to walk over. In August, the typical water level is around 30-40cm.

After the river crossing you will start the 3km long climb towards Kulmakuru. The climb is steep at places and some of you will have to walk some parts of the climb. The view from the top is rewarding. You will pass the Kulmakuru gorge and at the same time you can see the fell summits all the way to Russia.

From the top of the fell you will start a 5km long single-track descent. This part of the track is particularly enjoyable with all the curves and small jumps.

Back to Saariselkä

After Harrioja, the trail turns back to Tolosjoki river and the 2nd river crossing. This time it will already be much smoother. After the river crossing the trails starts climbing up to Hangasselkä.

The 2nd service point is located in Laanila and after the service there are some faster trails before you start the final section of the stage. On the final section there is a long and partly technical climb up to Iisakkipää fell. The views in this final climb are amazing. You can see the village of Saariselkä down in the valley and views to the national park on the other side.

From the top of Iisakkipää you will have a fast and curvy descent down to the ski center. From the ski center you have only 2km left before you reach the finish line.


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