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Note: The map is updated on 22nd August. The GPX-file is not updated.

The original 40km Saariselkä MTB Maraton track has been used since the very first Saariselkä MTB Maraton in 2011. Eventually all good things come to an end and therefore this track was almost entirely modified in 2017. If you ask as, this is the best stage we have ever planned!

Elevation meters

The first 20km of the second stage is a rough round. You will go up on three different fell summits within a 20km distance. The climbs are not very steep nor very long, but you will definitely feel them in your legs in the beginning of the day two. The first service point is at the race center.

After the service point you will start a longer 50km loop. Between the first and second service you will find some really nice and varying single-track sections which run through some of the finest pine tree forests of Northern Lapland. In this sections the height differences are smaller so you can mainly just enjoy the ride.

You will meet our second service point after riding for 40km.

Up to the fells

After the second service point you will find the steepest climb of the entire stage race. Here most of you will have to walk a couple of steps but the views are magnificent so the climbing will be worth the pain. When you reach the top you will have kilometers of fast trails ahead of you. Enjoy them!

Towards Saariselkä

The third and final service point is located a few kilometers after Kiilopää.  From here you start the final section of the track back towards Saariselkä. First you will have to climb up to one more fell top, up to Ahopää.

After Ahopää fell the rest of the track is familiar from Friday. Maybe you will notice that the climb to Iisakkipää is slightly tougher than on Friday.


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